Fun Ways To Change Up Holiday Dinner (GT Connext)

In the Family column of the November/December 2012 issue of Gospel Today, columnist Dr. Lisa M. Tait offered some very helpful ways to keep the peace during the holidays. If your family is like most families, Thanksgiving and Christmas bring an added layer of potential disagreements and family drama.

Check out the current issue of Gospel Today for tips on how to diffuse situations before they even arise!

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In addition to Dr. Tait’s tips, check out these fun and simple ways to change up the vibe of your typical and routine holiday gatherings!

1. Penny Pull. Each dinner guest pulls a penny from a jar, and talks about cool things that happened to them that year. This works best, of course, if the pennies have more recent years on them!

2. Message Under A Plate. This one is sure to get lots of laughs! Place a slip of paper under each plate on the table, each with a different phrase written on it. Before dinner, ask everybody to read the card under their plate, telling them NOT to read it aloud or share its contents with anybody. Instruct guests to use their phrase or question as naturally as they can in the actual dinner conversation. The last person to use their phrase loses the game.

3. Two Truths. On a piece of paper, have everyone write two true things about themselves that are not common knowledge. Fold up the pieces of paper and place them in a bowl. Then, read them aloud and have guests attempt to guess who wrote each one.