Black Christians Struggling to Cast Their Vote: A Dialogue

It\’s no secret that Black voters usually vote Democrat. From 1936 to 1960, about 70% of Black voters gave their nod to the Democratic Presidential candidate. From 1960 to 2004, that number jumped to 88% and in 2004, President Obama garned a staggering 97% of the Black vote. But, this election season many Christians who are Black have had to think longer and harder about casting their ballot.

“This election has been hard for me,” says Mark Reynolds*, a 30-something year old staff minister at a local church and father of three. “On one hand, President Obama has really disappointed me with his support for same-sex marriage and abortion and on the other hand, Mitt Romney doesn\’t care about poor people and he\’s a Mormon. I guess I\’ll have to choose the lesser of two evils or maybe I won\’t vote at all,” he sighs.

How do you respond to Reynolds and the millions of people who share his viewpoint? Weigh in!

* Name changed to preserve the voter\’s anonymity