Mental Illness: There Is Hope & There Is Help (GT Connext)

We tackled the stigma of mental illness in the African-American community in the Health In Action column of the September/October 2012 issue of Gospel Today. Guest contributor Asa T. Briggs gave us some startling statistics about the prevalence of mental health issues in our community, and even explained one of the greatest hurdles to seeking help—religious ridicule.

It\’s definitely a must-read piece, so make sure you grab a copy of the issue, if you don\’t already have it!

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What is it like to live with mental illness? What is recovery? What can an individual, or their family, do to find help?

Check out this short video from the National Alliance of Mental Illness below. It features moving testimonies, some may be just like your own. Know that there is hope and there is help.

Visit for more information. Break the silence surrounding mental health in our community.