Man Up! Putting Manly Leadership Into Practice (GT Connext)

We were fortunate enough to have Pastor John Onwuchekwa (@JawnO) as a guest contributor for our regular Family column in the September/October 2012 issue of Gospel Today. John, the Teaching Pastor at Atlanta’s Blueprint Church, shared an incredibly important message about the dangers of PASSIVITY in men, which is a detriment to family leadership and home life.

It’s a must-read, both for Godly men, and for the women who know them. Grab a copy of the September/October 2012 issue to read it now!

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The following are four need-to-know points of application. Once you know the issue, how do you practically make changes?

1. Begin with repentance, not with resolve. This is more than just making the wrong choices, our passivity is birthed out of a heart that values ourselves more than it does those around us. The only way our actions change is if our heart does. God is the only one that changes our heart so go to Him first in repentance.

2. Change the way you use the word “my” as it relates to your family. You\’re no longer just a participant of the family structure; you\’re the leader. You\’re not just a player on the team, but in God\’s eyes, you\’re the GM. You\’ll be held accountable.

3. Pray with your family. If you have time to talk with your wife and kids before you go to work or go to sleep, you have time to talk to God with your wife and kids before you go to work or to sleep. Accept the responsibility for the Spiritual development of your family.

4. Stop looking at pornography. I wouldn\’t put this last point in here if I wasn\’t so convinced that the majority of men that are reading this are struggling with this area. Confess your sin to brothers that can hold you accountable and redirect that to drive to your wife. You\’d be surprised how free you are to serve her once you peel your eyes away from that screen.