Dr. Myles Munroe’s Leadership Essentials (GT Connext)

We chatted with noted author, speaker and pastor Dr. Myles Munroe in the September/October 2012 issue of Gospel Today. The insights he shared with guest contributor Roz A. Gee about leadership are invaluable nuggets of information designed to equip each of us to become leaders and world-changers in our respective fields and communities.

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Then, take a look at these web-exclusive Leadership Essentials, straight from Dr. Myles Munroe– they’re necessary for any person who desires to lead and change the world.

Leaders must be people of…

Purpose—one who discovers a sense of purpose, governed by a sense of destiny.

Conviction—one who has beliefs they\’ll never compromise on. Nelson Mandela was convicted by equality, Martin Luther King, Jr., by racism, Mother Teresa, by poverty. Great leaders do not vacillate in their convictions.

Vision—one who has a clear picture of the future. The leader must also be able to articulate that vision.

Passion—one who has a deep drive to pursue what they believe in, and the ability to inspire in their pursuit!

Inspiration—one who is able to inspire (breathe life into) others. If you fail to inspire, you will end up manipulating, and manipulation eventually leads to dictatorship.

Trust—one who can be trusted. We see the collapses in trust in government, clergy, politics, etc. Once you lose people\’s trust, it ruins your leadership. Trust is the true currency of leadership. It\’s developed when you observe someone who, even under stress and test, never abandons their convictions.

Integrity—one who is honest in secret and in public. They are the same in the night (dark) as in the day (light.) They deliver on exactly what they say and live out what they say. They must be “well-integrated” with themselves.

Influence—one whose character creates influence (the capacity to flow into another.) Once you influence a person, they will change or rearrange their priorities for your priorities.

Risk-Taker—one who attempts things they\’ve never tried before. They must be bold and daring, and can\’t be afraid to fail.

Mentor—one who understands that they are NOT permanent and can make room for the next generation through mentorship. Today, leaders don\’t want to leave positions, assuming they inherit positions forever. However, forward thinking, 21st-century leaders know that they must transfer and deposit to the next generation. We need leaders who measure success by their successor, those who are more concerned about their legacy than their place or position.

Foundation—one who possesses deep spiritual and moral fabric. One who is not only accountable to men but also accountable to God. Any leader who is not accountable to God should not be trusted because, by default, they have become an authority unto themselves.