Group of Black Pastors (CAAP) Opposes President Obama on Same-Sex Marriage

In Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, July 31st the Black clergy group, The Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP) led by Rev. William Owens, President and Founder, announced at a conference their opposition towards President Obama’s stance on gay marriage. Other leaders of the nationally televised press conference included Rev. Dean Nelson, the Executive Director for the Network of Politically Active Christians (NPAC), Rev. William Owens Jr., head of the “Mandate for Marriage” initiative, and Bishop Janice Hollis, Senior Pastor of Progressive Believers Ministries.

CAAP stated:

“We wrote the President and Mr. Holder a letter May the 2nd, requesting an audience with him to discuss this very issue. He has not given us a courtesy of any reply…He has totally ignored us. He has not given us the pleasure of even answering our request, which is very discourteous and unprofessional, first of all. Also, the President has ignored the Black community because he believes he has us in his pocket. Well, we’re not in his pocket…

“We are going to take action across this country to change the course of this president’s campaign…Some people are saying because of the position that Chick-fil-A is taking, they don’t want them in their cities. It’s a disgrace…I would hope that the president would become wise, come to his senses, and know that he has made a mistake. And we can come back together… the people who put him in office [and the President, we can] come back together and admit he made a mistake. All people make mistakes. He has made a bad mistake that will effect the history of this country. I am ashamed that the first Black President chose this road, a disgraceful road. It is a disgraceful road…

“It is our belief that marriage is between one man and one woman…This issue is more than just politics. This is a moral issue that the Church must stand for and be clear about. Not for just this generation, but for generations to come….It is our hope that many within the Black community will stand with the Word of God, will stand with truth, and will become a strong independent voice for the soul of America…

“We’re asking Black America to step up to the bat and do what you need to do. We do not endorse a candidate. We do not say, ‘Vote for a certain person.’ We do say, ‘Vote for what is right, what is scriptural, and what is honorable.’ And we don’t want America to go down the drain starting on a slippery slope with a Black President. It might look good today, he might be famous today, he might be popular today. But when your children come and tell you they’re going to marry a person of the same sex…you’re going to be very angry that you bit into the big lie.”

Since he came to the White House, President Obama’s stance on same-sex marriage has changed. He originally supported civil unions, not same sex marriage. In May, he then told ABC News that he supported gay marriage and would announce his position during the Democratic National Convention in early September. Recently, a draft committee approved a gay marriage plank to be included in the party platform.