Tackle The Second Half of 2012 With A Better YOU!

We\’re halfway through 2012. That means its half-time—time to reassess how your year is going and make the necessary changes to ensure victory six months from now!

The race is on for strategic change that leads to lasting victories. One of football\’s most powerful strategies is known as a “Blitz.” A blitz is a proactive assault on the quarterback designed to disrupt the offensive scheme before it formulates.

The championship of change this year will not be awarded to the passive or complacent, but rather the strategic and relentless. Change is the only constant and change is inevitable for winning in life. Let\’s not do our destiny a disservice through distraction and the lack of a game-winning strategy.

Blitz Strategies For Winning:

#1) Go To Your Playbook

Most verbally declare what they want to accomplish but they never write down WHAT they want to do and most importantly HOW do they intend to do it. Habbukuk 2:2 declares, “Write the vision and make it plain on tablets.” Did you know that written goals have a significantly higher chance of getting accomplished verses non-written goals?  Make sure your goals are well-written and converted into a strategic plan of action.

#2) Find Your “Go To” Guy

Now that your playbook is complete, identifying an accountability partner who will be committed to helping you stay on track with your goals is invaluable. As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend. (Proverbs 27:17). Make sure that your partner has a vested interest in your success.

#3) Execute! Execute! Execute!

Habbukuk 2:2 finishes with …” that he may run that reads it.” This is where you pour your heart and soul by implementing in bringing your vision to pass. When everything is on the line, it\’s important not to be distracted with procrastination, lack of focus, insignificant matters, so that you will be ready to go full speed ahead.

#4) Do Your Victory Dance!

Remember to celebrate the small successes along the way. Taking time to reward yourself accordingly is highly beneficial. Celebrating your accomplishments motivates you to keep up the good work and stay true to your plan. Ecclesiastes 3: 4 affirms that there is a season (moment) for all things, “a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance!” 

Allow God to invade you with new ideas, fresh creativity, innovation, and effective strategies. However, you must embrace and be the recipient of change. Scripture reminds us that we can\’t put new wine into old wineskins. Otherwise, the new “stuff” will burst and spill out. Houston—we have a problem!

Declare no more wasted seasons (seasons where inaction prevailed) and where opportunities were fumbled. Finish that degree, start that new business, write that book, register early for the seminar, utilize the checkbook ledger, and step up your leadership at church or in the community.  Challenge YOU to a personal blitz by committing an all out assault on your person, passion and purpose.

Be ready. Be set. Blitz!

Roz A. Gee is a Lifestyle Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur on a mission to help others: “Refine. Reinvent. Recover!” The newly released, “BeYOU! To The Power of Progress” (10 Pillars To Becoming A Better YOU) is available online and in bookstores. www.RozGee.com