New Gospel Hip-Hop Artist “T-DOGG” Shares His Story of Transformation

T-DOGG - The Deliverer of God's Gospel

Travis Gammage, also known by his stage name as T-DOGG, is an African-American gospel rapper. Fueled by his love of God, T-DOGG has worked hard for many years to establish himself in the music industry and his time is NOW!

A native of South Florida and raised in the small city of Deerfield Beach, T-DOGG attended Deerfield High School where he was actively involved in many talent shows and competitions that enabled him to showcase his talent. Because of these experiences he discovered his love for music. From that point on T-DOGG knew that music was his calling. As a young man growing up in a predominately urban community, Travis was susceptible to the peer pressure of drugs, violence, etc. Although T- DOGG has always been a believer in God, he made the wrong decision and turned to the streets at a very young age. Unfortunately that decision caused Travis to be charged and convicted in 2001. However, God was certainly not finished using this young man. His pastor, Ernest B. Gonder Jr., reached out to Travis while he was serving his sentence and because of that Travis grew closer to God and got more into church; the result: T-DOGG “The Deliverer of God\’s Gospel.”

Prior to accepting God\’s calling, T-DOGG performed with mainstream artists such as Trick Daddy, Rick Ross, Young Money Cash Money Billionaires (YMCMB), Trina (The Diamond Princess), Lil\’ John, Dirty Boyz and Jagged Edge. In 2002, T-DOGG was signed to a local Miami independent label, Xela Entertainment. To say that T- DOGG\’s career “took off” is an understatement. In 2005 T-DOGG started his own label called Show Money Entertainment. He produced a song with fellow Miami rapper Trick Daddy called “Take it to the Streets” and in 2007 he worked with Rick Ross on the track “We Getting Money.” Both opportunities were regional successes and proved that T-DOGG was a noted rapper, writer, and producer.

As T-DOGG continued to pray and enhance his relationship with God he grew into the man he is today. God sent Angels in his life to change his heart and outlook on the direction in which he was going with his career. In 2011 T-DOGG set out on yet another business venture and partnered with Travis Faison in the conjunction of GMF Music Group with Travis as the President and T-DOGG as the Vice President. T-DOGG grew a relationship with God that no money, person or entity could break.

His wife and children\’s love for him assisted T-DOGG in seeing how God\’s love turned a bad situation into a good one and God gave T-DOGG a vision that led him to a new genre of music that allows him to take his passion down another path. He accepted Jesus as his personal savior and has been “The Deliverer of God\’s Gospel” ever since.

Today, T-DOGG is still occasionally seen in the streets; only this time it\’s to minister to others who may be going down the same path he did. His work not only includes music but he shares words of Love, Deliverance and Power! A whole new trend of youthful Gospel music has been born through T-DOGG\’s gifts.

T-DOGG is dedicated and believes by leading this generation to GOD through his music, he will not only help change the world, but also help change our communities, save souls and assist others to be delivered. The message in T-DOGG\’s music is testimonial, inspiring, empowering, encouraging, motivational, uplifting and most of all a message from GOD.

Currently T-DOGG has a studio album out by the name of “Changing Faces.” He has also released three singles titled “Pray for Me,” “We Gonna Praise Him,” and “Wait for my Lord.” He performed in concert on June 9 with Fred Hammond, Marvin Sapp, and Tye Tribbett. T-DOGG is a member at Love Fellowship Worship Center in Pompano Beach, FL under the leadership of Pastor Ernest Gonder, Jr. T-DOGG is a phenomenal artist, writer, producer, entrepreneur and father.

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