Cedric The Entertainer Stars in new sitcom, “The Soul Man”

Comedian Cedric The Entertainer and Niecy Nash star in TV Land’s new comedy “The Soul Man.” Billed as “a

family show that you just don’t see as much on TV anymore,” TV Land hopes to draw the growing audience of Americans who want to see wholesome entertainment. “The Soul Man” is a spin-off of “Hot in Cleveland,” in which Cedric guest starred in the 2011. The show will premiere with 12 episodes beginning June 20, 2012.

The plot revolves around Cedric\’s character, Reverend Boyce “The Voice” Ballentine, an R&B superstar-turned-minister who takes over as preacher of his father\’s church in St. Louis. Niecy Nash (“Reno 911”) stars as the reverend\’s wife, Lolli. Check out the clip below and tune in!