Meet America’s Supernanny! (GT Connext)

In the July/August 2012 issue of GT, we were honored to feature a guest column on parenting from Deborah Tillman, the star of Lifetime television’s hit show America’s Supernanny!

For our TRUTH issue, Mrs. Tillman offered keen insight on how to handle children who have trouble telling the truth. She offered sound wisdom on how to encourage and reward honesty in a way that honors God, your kids and yourself. Make sure you grab the July/August 2012 issue to read her column!

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Here’s one nugget of truth from Deborah Tillman that we wanted to share with our online community:

Don\’t Send “Mixed Messages”
When you feel frustrated and your child asks, “how you are doing,” do not say, “I am fine.” Children do not have to know the details, but they do need to know that you have had better days. When parents are dishonest about their emotions, children learn to hide behind a happy face or a response that says everything is “ok,” even when it is not. That creates feelings of insecurity and low self-esteem because children are trying to emulate the behavior and be something they are not.

Check out this footage from one of the episodes of America’s Supernanny. The show has been renewed for a second season and filming has already begun! Visit the show’s official website for updates and info!