Meet Robert & Sarah Henson (GT Connext)

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Robert & Sarah Henson are a young couple with lots of wisdom to share! They were recently featured in the May/June 2012 issue of Gospel Today—the “LOVE” issue.

Here is some bonus content from our time with the Henson’s including a photo gallery and a touching tribute from Sarah to her dad, Bishop TD Jakes at the recent Woman, Thou Art Loosed conference.

GT: If you could go back and talk to yourself the night before your wedding, what kinds of things would you tell yourself about marriage that you’ve instead had to learn the hard way?

Robert: Don\’t sweat the small stuff. So early in our marriage I’d get upset over small things. I was kind of petty childish early in our marriage. I think we both were. We had to mature together because in life there are bigger obstacles that we have to face together as a team so there couldn\’t be any petty bickering between us.

Sarah: I would really challenge myself to never forget who God is and not just to me but the role that He plays in our marriage. I think so many times we make marriage about the other person but we also forget that it\’s also about the commitment we made in front of God. My mother always said that if you stay connected to God that it\’ll help you with your marriage because God can keep him (your husband) when no one else can.

I think that I would\’ve really challenged myself to be more faithful to my relationship with God so that I could be the wife He called me to be in spite of the ups and downs we face. When being married to Robert felt too hard or too frustrating, it would have helped to remember that my first commitment was to God and that if I honor my vows He\’ll certainly honor ours and keep us together.

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To hear a touching tribute from Sarah to her Dad, Bishop TD Jakes, check out the video here.

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