Recipe For Love: Tips & Lessons From The Neelys! (GT Connext)

In the May/June 2012 issue of Gospel Today, we profiled Pat & Gina Neely among one of our 2012 “It” Couples for the passion they exude and live by, on and off-screen. The Neelys had so much insight to share about how to make love (and business) work, we had to extend some of it to the web!

Grab the May/June 2012 issue of Gospel Today, and check out some of their extra tips and tidbits below!

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Gina says…

  • Communicate… really break down and talk, tell a person how you feel.
  • People grow differently, but you don\’t have to grow apart. In fact, if you\’re not growing, I have a problem with that. Life is all about it. That\’s why we have challenges—they\’re not supposed to paralyze you; they\’re supposed to help you grow.

Pat says… 

  • Whether running a business or having a successful marriage, you have to communicate, listen to your spouse… and do that without having to have a response for her. When she\’s saying something she feels, you have to shut up and be prepared to not have a quick response. Listen to what she\’s saying, then take the time to give a real response.
  • Don\’t ever use the ‘D\’ word. That doesn\’t come up even in our deepest anger. Divorce is not an option—it can\’t be. You have to be committed to getting through it.

My favorite trait…

Q: Gina, what’s your favorite trait of Pat’s?

A: Pat is very consistent. You can time your watch to him. If Pat says he\’s going to do something, he\’s going to do it. I appreciate that because you only really have your word. If you say you\’re going to do something, you need to carry it through.

Also, he\’s very loyal. I\’m a Bonnie & Clyde type of chick. I\’m ride-or-die. Be loyal to me and I\’m loyal to you.

Q: Pat, how about you?

A: Sometimes the thing that you like most about a person can be the same thing that, at times, irks you the most. I\’ve always said that she is outspoken, fun to be around, but also very emotional about how she feels. She will speak and talk about anything—she doesn\’t hold anything back in terms of expressing herself. It was such a shock when we first got back together. I had dated other girls over the years and never knew where they were coming from. They would hold certain things back because of fear about how I would feel.

But whether it\’s with me, with our producers, on stage, or even talking to our children, Gina is very honest and she\’ll say exactly what\’s on her mind. Sometimes, it\’s the thing I love the most and sometimes it\’s the thing I hate the most! (laughs)