A Fortune Of Wisdom: James & Cheryl Fortune Share Extra Tips On LOVE (GT Connext)

We were fortunate enough to have James & Cheryl Fortune grace the cover of our May/June 2012 issue, affectionately dubbed the “LOVE” issue. They were one of our 2012 “It” Couples profiled for demonstrating a key virtue in a successful marriage– theirs is “fortitude.” Make sure you grab a copy of the latest Gospel Today issue to read their story!

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James & Cheryl Fortune shared a bit more than we could fit into the print mag, so we decided to take it to the web!

Here are a few pieces of insight the Fortunes also shared on building a successful marriage…

Cheryl says…

There\’s nothing you can\’t overcome in your marriage when you put the Word of God first.

Endure. Don\’t give up. It will come to pass. All of the promises and the dreams, it all does come if you\’ll endure and be patient.

Pray together and keep loving each other through adversity.

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James says…

Sometimes the two of you won’t know what God is doing, but you have to trust God in everything.

Let the Bible be the final authority. We don\’t always agree on everything, so we have to let the Word of God be our standard in how we operate in marriage.



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