Class Is In Session: Check Out Dr. Renee Hornbuckle’s ‘Love Lessons’ (GT Connext)

Dr. Renee Hornbuckle broke her seven-year silence in our May/June 2012 issue of Gospel Today. If you’re unfamiliar with her story, or the many trials she’s had to overcome, make sure you grab a copy of the magazine to learn how she recovered from a scandal that rocked the nation, her church, her family and her heart.

On this side of healing and victory, Dr. Renee uses her story to equip believers everywhere. Check out some of her Love Lessons below!

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Love Lessons On Marriage

  • Don\’t have an expectation of someone else to make you happy or to fill voids in your life.
  • Be secure in who you are by putting in the work first on YOU so that you are whole and complete.
  • Know their values and belief systems before you commit to a lifelong relationship. Discuss each other\’s expectations, behaviors (acceptable and unacceptable), money habits, etc.
  • Choose to be honest; regular, open communication is so critical.
  • Spend quality time together, appreciate and support one another

Love Lessons on Choices

  • Life is made up of a series of events—how you choose to respond (favorably or non- favorably) will determine the outcome.
  • What others do, does not define who you are.
  • What you do, does affect other people, so be responsible.

Love Lessons for Clergy

  • Remember, hurt people eventually hurt people so it\’s imperative to personally deal with pervasive issues.
  • Remain humble, grounded and focused on what you\’re really called to do for the Glory of God.
  • Maintain balance and keep right priorities set.
  • Make sure your ministry is NOT personality driven but rather God-centered!
  • Ministry Leaders (quarterly or annually):
    1. Reassess: don\’t allow your position or title cause you to be afraid to deal with who and where you really are
    2. Seek Counsel: find a safe place and safe people who are willing to authentically support and love you
    3. Refresh & Have Fun: the ministry will be there when you return but make time for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation

Love Lessons On Dating

  • When two people desire to marry–totally submit to wise, and proven counsel.
  • Don\’t listen to what you want to hear but HEAR what you must know.
  • Deal immediately with core root issues “red flags” that are not healthy.
  • During a courtship, we all put on our best. If not careful, we cover up or mask so that our potential partner won\’t see the “other side” of us. But beneath all of that cologne, makeup and swag, there still could be underlying hurt, trauma, pain, anger, and abuse that prevent one from being whole.