Response to “Pro-Atheism campaign targets African-Americans for Black History Month”

Editorial by Pastor Patrick E. Winfield, II, Campus Pastor, The Potter\’s House of Ft. Worth 

Many of the world\’s problems have the same origin: pride, lust and greed. These are issues of humanity in any historical period and the Bible goes to great lengths to address them.

Morality must have a center and a slate from which to construct ideas. As Americans we are governed by the constitution, and it is with an understanding of those laws that we can reason about personal freedom. As Christians, we use the Bible.

The world may become more complex but there are solutions for life. Reason, experience and observation must be viewed as adequate tools to approach life, but inadequate to explain its complexities. These complexities cannot be seen by the eye, experienced by life or explained through observation. Plainly speaking— we miss things because we are human. Reason, experience and observation are only as limitless as the thinker\’s frame of reference.

These human constructs are not vast enough to explain away God or biblical history and truth.

It seems as though the campaign organizers are striving to not embrace absolutes. Granted, their critique of Christianity opens the door to lofty thoughts, but also creates the inability to land firmly on belief. They vainly choose to reason about anything and believe nothing. One may question rather a chair will hold weight, but sooner or later, it is time to take a seat. Lofty thinking in the absence of firm belief does not lead to answers, but more questions.

It is not bad to question, reason, and observe — but at some point, one must believe. I can choose to deny the reality of anything that I am unable to fully reason or observe, but my human cognitive process does not negate the truth of a REAL GOD.

If we were to scratch the underpinnings of this campaign, we will probably find people who have been hurt by life’s circumstances and have lost hope; who instead of reaching outside of themselves for answers, reached within only to find more questions.

The history of African-Americans in this country has been imbued with pain and prosperity; triumph and tragedy. Christianity is not a white religion or a black religion. It is a relationship with God through Jesus Christ in spite of man’s faults. Our African-American tradition includes a rich faith in God, practiced in many different ways, so it is ‘anti tradition\’ to remove faith from our culture and experience. The campaign is an attempt to remove the very core of African-American tradition but our faith is too strong. It has survived years of oppression and will survive times of doubt and hopelessness.

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