Pastor Mark Driscoll’s Vivid New Book On Sex Divides Christians

Mark Driscoll, founding pastor of the Seattle-area megachurch Mars Hill Church, is sparking conroversy with the content and direction of his newest book, “Real Marriage: The Truth about Sex, Friendship and Life Together.”

The book, written by Driscoll and his wife, Grace, seeks to “compel married couples to have important conversations about important things.” The couple discusses their own sexual issues in the first section of the book, sharing lessons on how to reignite a marriage. The second half of the book discusses sex in detail, including a section about what is Biblically permissible, titled “Can We ____?”

The concept and approach has been polarizing in several Christian circles– there are those who embrace such a candid and transparent discussion, while others feel that it leads to confusion and discord.

Check out a full article about it on CNN’s Belief Blog.

Do you think a book on this topic is needed in the Body of Christ today? Do you feel like it is unnecessarily carnal or gratuitous?