The Ultimate “Change-Agent”

First things are important: first impressions, first dates, first fruits. Have you ever considered Jesus\’ first sermon? After stepping from eternity into time and walking among us for 30 years, surely the first words of Jesus\’ earthly ministry would be telling. In fact, they are transformational—“Repent” says Jesus. Our world tells us that “Repent” means, “Change your behavior! Stop doing that!” but the true meaning as Jesus used it is, “Change the way you think! Change your mind!” (See Matt. 3:2).

Much of Jesus\’ ministry and teaching was not geared at changing our behaviors but at changing our mindsets. Consider the Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 5) and Jesus\’ prayer for the Church (John 17) and his discourse on the Kingdom (Matt. 14). Jesus knows that our behaviors are simply a reflection of our thinking. Walking in victory in an area that has been a struggle requires accepting that you can\’t change your behavior without first changing your mind. And you can\’t change your mind without a steady diet of God\’s Word mixed with your yielded obedience to the Holy Spirit.

That\’s why Gospel Today exists—to help inspire, educate, inform and empower you to live a more Godly and excellent life. More than writers and readers, you and I are a committed group of leaders, a remnant empowered and chosen by God to change the culture we live in by first getting our thinking in line with His. Gospel Today is the place for Kingdom leaders and Kingdom conversations that will advance the Kingdom of God bring transformation and redemption to every sphere of our culture.

To hear a wonderful message on the real meaning of “repent”, listen to Rodney Anderson here.

Can you relate to Jesus’ message? Is it true that we have to change the way we think before we can change the way we behave? How have you seen this principle at work?