Safari For Windows Expanded Features

If you are having a computer at your home, but there is no internet, then it is nothing more than a box.  Internet today is an important part of the everyday life. There are many people who still use internet explorer without paying attention to other browsers availability. The reason is quite simple and that is because it is already installed in their computers. The fact is there are a plethora of choices available when it comes to internet browser for windows and you will be surprised to know that internet explorer is nowhere close in the list of the top browsers. Safari Windows, Mozilla, and Firefox are some of the most popularity used browsers among the window users.

The well known Mac browser is safari and it is also available for the personal systems. There are many reasons why safari browser is the best option for the windows. It is not only excellent, but also easy, clean, aesthetically attractive for use. There is much strength and here are some of the features here

  • Email page link
  • Activity window
  • Browsing snapback and search snapback
  • Inline dictionary
  • Web inspector
  • Selection of speech
  • URL path navigation

All these features combined all together makes safari a pretty strong browser. There is just one problem and that is the functionality factor. If it works on functionality then safari is the best browser and a great deal among all its competitors.

Quick notes

One of the most powerful features of safari is its ability to capture text instantly with a note taking feature (stickies). When you instantly need to capture information and need to highlight text you just have the go for a simple click. This is going to take the content note with highlights and will keep it safe into a stickie.

URL path navigation

If you want to navigate on any nested site then using safari you can do that.  With this feature you will be able to study various pages.  From the nested sites you just have to right click on the title and see where you are navigating ahead.

Activity window

The activity window is visible when you will go first to Windows>Activity present on the menu bar or you can also use a shortcut command option>command>a. This feature will let you view scripts, images, pages that are downloading behind the scenes when you will browse the internet. To check out you can check out the activity windows.

There are many other pretty features which make Safari Browser for PC an attractive and useful browser along with huge functionality. There is an expanded version also available which is the preferred choice of many window users.