Top 11 Most-Discussed Posts of 2011

2011 was a big year in the body of Christ and here at Gospel Today! Here are our Top 11, most discussed posts of the year! Read, reminisce and add any parting thoughts as the year comes to a close.

#1 — Confirmed: Pastor Zachary Tims Dead at 42

#2 —Bishop Eddie Long Ends Lawsuit

#3 — GOSPEL TODAY Returns with a cover featuring Dynamic Women Pastors

#4 — Dr. Juanita Bynum Typing in Tongues?

#5 — Bishop Long Accusers To Write “Tell-All” Book

#6 — Should Gospel & Mainstream Performers Share the Same Stage?

#7 — Gospel Singer, Shei Atkins is going R & B, Find out why!

#8 — Bishop Paul Morton Sends Public Message to Bishop Eddie Long

#9 — Gay rights…Not a Matter of Civil rights!

#10 — Surgeon General: “Black women don\’t exercise because they don\’t want to sweat their hair out.”  

#11 - Obama: The Anti-Marriage President