15 things to know before you Remove Tonsil Stones

Are you facing difficulties in swallowing, or having a bad breath? You are much likely to have Tonsil stones https://itonsilstones.com/. No one wants to carry such irritating and painful thing in his or her throat. However, we have brought some 15 things you must know before removal of Tonsil Stones.

Tonsils: All of us has a gland-like structure in the back of our throats which are Tonsils.

Tonsil Stones: These Tonsils are exposed to the bacteria and fungi through all the food we eat or drink. Many times the food particles or sometimes cough accumulates around our Tonsils and with the time the food debris get infected with bacteria and fungi creating a white mucus like covering on the Tonsils. These are Tonsil Stones Symptoms.

Symptoms: Bad breath, Sore throat, Difficulties in swallowing, Swollen Tonsils, Ear Pain, White or Yellow residues on the tonsils; these are some of the symptoms of the Tonsil stones.

Causes: There could be three potential causes which lead to a stone formation. The bad oral or dental hygiene, chronic Sinus problem or else if there is a larger Tonsil.

Contagious or not: The problem itself is not contagious directly but yes the family members or associates are very much prone to get themselves infected while using the same toothbrush, tongue cleaner or water cup etc.

Is the surgery only option? : No, surgery is not the only option for Tonsil Stones treatment. It completely depends on the individual case.

Methods of Removal: Doctors use many different forms of treatments depending upon the kind of stones you have. They will give you Antibiotics or sometimes they just perform a manual removal through cotton swab. They also go for surgery depending upon the case.

When to see a doctor: When there is a prolonged stone and remain untreated you should visit a doctor. Also, the discomfort becomes unmanageable with precaution and home remedies, always look for a doctor.

Is there any specialist for the Tonsil stone problem: It is best to consult with an ENT(Ear, Nose & Throat) specialist.

Home remedies: The foremost among the home remedies is Gargling with salted and lukewarm water. This is the best and effective solution to it. Many times a powerful coughing solves the problem. If you want you can get manual cotton swab cleaning with the help of a doctor.

Reoccurrence:  The chance to reoccurrence is very common. Resurfacing of bacteria on the debris on the Tonsil are pretty much possible and its best to maintain an oral hygiene to prevent it.

Possibilities of Halitosis: Halitosis comes with the chronic bad breath. The possibility of getting chronic bad breath is high if the Tonsil stones remain untreated.

Can I take Antibiotic: Antibiotics are one of the solutions to it but take with a consultation of a certified medical practitioner only.

How to prevent: Maintain a dental hygiene, a habit of thorough throwing mouthwash after every food intake. Also, maintain your other personal hygiene like towels.

Best Solution: Prevention is the best solution for Tonsil Stones.