Mobdro for iPhone/iPad/iOS Free Download With Alternatives

A recent development in the app market, the Mobdro app is a video streaming app which was developed specifically for the android app market. It has gained immense popularity since its conception. Every one loves to be updated on their favourite movies, TV shows and videos. There are many app developers launching apps which allow users to live stream movies and videos on their devices. However, the Mobdro Download is slightly different to the rest of the apps in the app market.

How is the Mobdro app different from other live video streaming apps?

The Mobdro app does not allow users to select a specific movie, documentary, video or sports series to watch on its app. Instead, much like a traditional TV, users can browse through the apps various channels. The channels will be streaming videos and movies, just like they would on TV. Users can pick their favourite channels and watch the movies or videos showing on the channels at that specific point of time. This means that there is an element of surprise to this app. Users do not have any idea what movies or videos they will be shown.

There are two versions of this app that users can enjoy. The first version which users can download for free and enjoy is the Freemium version of the Mobdro app. This version is available for free, there are no in app purchases, but users can only enjoy limited accessibility to the channels and videos that they want to view. Once they have downloaded the Freemium version of Mobdro, however, users can subscribe to the Premium version of the Mobdro app. This version of the app allows users to enjoy complete, unlimited access to the Mobdro app, its channels and its various videos.

Features of the Mobdro app:

  • The app is only 25.9 MB in size and can be downloaded on any android device.
  • There are no in app subscriptions or purchases that have to be made on the app.
  • The Premium version of the app allows users to enjoy uninterrupted access to all their favourite videos and channels without any unwanted ads and pop ups disturbing them
  • Users can share their favourite channels or videos with their friends and family on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and many other platforms
  • The Mobdro app can be downloaded for free on iOS, Windows PC, Kindle, iPad, Android devices and other platforms as well.
  • Users can make play lists from YouTube videos and listen to their favourite songs easily
  • Users can also download the videos or movies and make them available offline for their devices. They can watch the videos and movies any time, any where, without the need of internet access.

The Mobdro for iOS app has become increasingly popular amongst users of all ages and demographics. It is available all around the globe and users can enjoy logging on to channels of all topics, regions and all languages. The app can be downloaded for free on all your devices. Download the Mobdro app for your device and enjoy live streaming videos, movies, sporting events and many such exciting channels!