Shift 4.0!

This provocative video illustrates how fast technology is changing the way we interact with information and with one another. In the January/February 2012 issue, Tami Heim talks about how to be a faithful Digital Disciple!

Please share how you or your church is leveraging technology to advance the Gospel! Your comments may be included in an upcoming story we’re doing on church and technology. 

Please share your comments and insights!

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5 Tech-Talk Things to Think About:

5. Are you ready for people to ditch their printed Bibles and journals for iPads and smartphones?

4. Could Facebook be the next missional frontier?  

3. How can Christians leverage new media to advance the Gospel?

2. What ministries do you follow online? Why?


1. Do you watch sermons online? Do you still need to go to church if you can watch a sermon online?