Food For Life: Food Safety Tips You Should Know

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The holidays are over and you’ve managed to store up some leftovers in your freezer. You figure you’ll thaw them out in a few weeks to relive the memories, right?

Wait a sec.

Here are a few food storage facts for every household. Follow these to ensure that you’re setting yourself up for trouble with leftovers!

1. Store It Right!
Placed leftovers in airtight, shallow containers (two inches deep or less– the goal is to get it to cool down as quickly as possible).

2. Cool It Down!
Refrigerate or freeze them within two hours of cooking the food. A good temperature for your refrigerator is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep your freezer below zero degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Meat Stays Alone!
Don’t store meat on its bone. Remove it and store it separately from anything you may have roasted or cooked it with, like potatoes, stuffing, or veggies.

3. Eat Up!
Refrigerated cooked poultry, like chicken and turkey, should be consumed within three to four days. No more marathon refrigeration sessions! Same with leftover vegetables and things like mac-n-cheese– within three to four days, ok?

The golden food storage rule: When in doubt, toss it out!