Gospel Today Bonus Content on David & Tamela Mann

“Brownisms” 101

1. What is Mr. Brown\’s favorite saying?
“What the What?!” – because it goes with anything. I don\’t cuss so I just say, “What the what?!”

2. Where did Mr. Brown learn to dance like that?
“It\’s from the Lord. I\’ve got angels on my feet and they lift me higggghhhheeerrr!”

3. Is Mr. Brown ever going to hook-up with Madea again?
“Noo! Madea is on her way to hell!”

4. What does Mr. Brown really think of Reggie?
“I don\’t like him but as long as he take Cora and get married I\’m ok. He eats too much!”

5. What\’s next for Mr. Brown? Is he going to keep Brown\’s home.
“I\’m going to seek the Lord and see. I\’m hoping to get Cora married off so she can have a husband and some babies then I\’m going to find me a wife.”

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David & Tamela on The New Show, “Hangin’ With the Mann’s”

DAVID: We\’re in the process of shooting “Hangin\’ with the Mann\’s.” We just finished shooting in Bahamas, Atlanta, Orlando, Dallas, New Orleans. Basically, it is us having some fun adventures and then we come back to the kitchen and cook up some of our favorite dishes and tie it in to the adventure we\’ve gone on.
TAMELA: David thinks he is the best driver so we went to the Texas Motor Speedway in Benton, TX and we drove on the track and did a race on the track.
DAVID: We raced on the drag strip in go-carts to prove who was the best driver. I think I won but I\’m going to call it a tie for the sake of peace.
TAMELA: Wow! Then we went home and cooked tailgating foods.
DAVID: We made an open-faced flat iron steak, chicken sausages and apple coleslaw. We just came back from the Bahamas on Monday. We went in some personal submarines underwater which was interesting to me because I\’m slightly claustrophobic. We cooked with Rita Marley, Bob Marley\’s wife and cooked at some really great places in the Bahamas.

GOSPEL TODAY: When does that show begin airing and where will that air?
DAVID: We\’re in meetings about finding a home for it. It will be on a national network.