Minister of Music Launches Campaign Against Texting in Church

Incensed by what she calls a lack of reverence, Cynthia Stargell, a minister of music and entrepreneur has launched “a clarion call to stop texting and tweeting during worship services.” Billed as “Respect for the House of God,” Stargell and a band of 46 Facebook friends started there crusade on October 1-2, 2011. The next two “Respect…” weekends are November 5-6, 2011 and December 3-4, 2011.

Stargell is asking participants to do 3 things:
1) RSVP on the campaigns Facebook event page
2) Commit not to text, post or tweet during worship services on the “Respect…” weekends
3) Tell 3 others about the event.

Take our poll. Do you text post or tweet during worship services? Do you think its right or wrong? Could it be that this is another way of spreading the Gospel or is it just a 21st century distraction? Engage in the discussion—what’s your conviction?

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