Resources for Youth and Parents in Overcoming Depression

  • Breaking Through Depression: A Biblical and Medical Approach to Emotional Wholeness, by Donald P. Hall
  • Bible Cure For Depression/Anxiety, by Donald Colbert, MD
  • The Christian Counselor’s Manual, by Jay Adams
  • Christian Stress Management – Effective stress management using Christian Biblical principles and medical relaxation techniques; the site includes a confessional prayer to help fight depression.
  • Christian Counseling – Christian Counseling Online is a resource to get help with depression as well as different emotional and mental health information.
  • Struggling Teens – A resource targeted for parents to help their teen overcome the pressures and challenges of adolescence.
  • National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs The association serves as an advocate and resource for innovative organizations which devote themselves to society’s need for the effective care and education of struggling young people and their families.



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