The “Ministry” Called “Marriage” by Dr. Lisa M. Tait


Marriage means accepting the call that God has placed on your life to walk hand in hand and heart in heart with the other part of yourself (your spouse). It is saying “Yes” to longsuffering, joy, sacrifice, unselfishness, procreation (not just children), and changing the world for the better.


Marriage is not for the faint of heart; just as ministry is not for the easily intimidated. Couples need to understand marriage at its deeper, more intimate, and original intent.


When you say, “I do” you are saying “Yes Lord—to your will and your way in this relationship.” You are saying. “Together with my spouse I will do whatever God wants me to do. I will encourage him/her as he/she encourages me. I vow before you that our lives together will bring you glory and honor. I will not be unequally yoked, and I will not choose my ministry/life partner based on insignificant factors such as occupation, income, size of his/her house, luxury of his/her car, body shape and perceived potential.”


Christian couples must understand that marriage is actually a vow to “unite” with their “ministry partner” based upon such important things as giving sacrificially, expressing love unconditionally and supporting the other unendingly. Each partner must possess clarity regarding their personal ministry or calling, as well as their spiritual walk with God.


If your current marriage relationship is not “ministry” focused, all is not lost. Here are some things you can do to solidify your love and clarify your ministry of marriage:




1.)   Embrace the “call” of marriage. Sit down with your spouse and together study Genesis 2:24: “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” Discuss how you can do things differently in your relationship to fulfill the intent of marriage.




2.)   Discuss the “call” of your marriage. Instead of always talking about the bills, the children, home maintenance, and problems at work, begin clarifying what you believe God brought the two of you together to accomplish. Perhaps you are to write a book about how to parent an “other-abled” child, or you are called to minister to other married couples, or your assignment is to feed the homeless in your community, or start a clothing bank, etc.




3.)   Pray together often. It is true that the family that prays together is the family that stays together. Personal devotion is critical to the life of your relationship. Think of it as the blood that runs warm through the veins of your marriage. If the blood is removed, the body or the relationship will die. Don\’t let your marriage bleed out.




4.)   Celebrate the ministry of your marriage. The best way to celebrate is through focused praise and worship. The best place for praise and worship is wherever you find yourself. The church is not the only place to worship. Remember that spending time with your children together is an act of worship. Giving flowers for no reason other than to say, “I love you” is an act of praise. Cooking that favorite meal speaks louder than any words ever could.