Dr. Mike Freeman: A Next Generation Leader Graces New GT Cover!

Approximately 16 years ago, a colleague in ministry recommended to a young Pastor Mike Freeman, that he attend and consider joining something called the Fellowship of Inner-City Word of Faith Ministries (FICWFM). At the time, Freeman\’s Temple Hills, MD-based Spirit of Faith ministry (spiritoffaith.org) was just two years old, and like any start-up venture, money was tight. But Freeman took his friend\’s advice, and in his own words, “gathered the money” to go to California for the annual conference of FICWFM, which was founded and led by Dr. Frederick K.C. Price.

            It was a life-changing experience.

For Freeman, it was also the manifestation of prophesy. “I\’d watched Dr. Price on television for years,” he stated. “One Sunday morning back in 1986, as I was preparing to go to church and watching Dr. Price\’s broadcast, I turned to [my wife] Dee Dee and said, ‘I\’m really going to know this guy. I don\’t know how, but we\’re going to have a great relationship.\’ Now, to see how everything has turned out, has just been…God!”

As of July 26, 2011, Dr. Michael Aaron Freeman became the new President of FICWFM.

“Dr. Freeman has been a personal friend and ministry associate of mine for quite a few years,” said Apostle Price, “and over that time I\’ve watched him closely, and he has exhibited consistency, integrity, honesty and a pure heart. He possesses all of those attributes!”

“I believe he is the right person for this assignment, and he believes that God is leading him in his leadership [for FICWFM]. I\’ll still be involved, but I trust him, and that\’s one of the most important things about this…I\’m putting my life in his hands.”

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