Summer Gospel Conventions: Traditional or Progressive?

The NCGCC was organized in 1932 by its founder, Dr. Thomas A. Dorsey, with the mission of providing musical opportunities for the Christian singers, instrumentalists, educators or leaders; to strengthen the gospel ambassador; and to spiritually motivate everyone to live the message of the gospel song. NCGCC\’s goal is to foster an appreciation of gospel music and to develop the spiritual growth of their membership.

Last year, NCGCC\’s second president, Bishop Kenneth H. Moales, Sr., passed away, but the organization will continue. In fact, this year\’s convention will be a week on tributes to the life and legacy of Bishop Moales.

Gospel Music Workshop of America
Tampa, FL; August 13-19

Organized 44 years ago by Rev. James Cleveland, the GMWA is a non-profit, interdenominational, interracial,
non-sexist oriented, international and voluntary association of gospel singers and musicians.

Mission: To preserve the heritage of Gospel music in America, while providing a forum for the development of excellence in the presentation of Gospel music. Further, to increase opportunities for the perpetuation of Gospel music throughout other industries, arenas and the world.

Goals: To continue the heritage of Gospel music by academically preparing Gospel artists for the future; to raise the level of excellence in the worship experience; and to provide a forum/platform in which all forms of Gospel can matriculate.

The GMWA Crystal Mic Awards is a relatively new component of the GMWA –which celebrates achievement in media. The Annual ceremony will take place on Thursday of GMWA week!

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