Have People Stopped Attending Church?

Declining Church Attendance
by Dr. Lisa Tait

There has been a drastic reduction in the number of people attending church on Sunday. Why is this? a) Distrust in church leadership, b) a more sophisticated membership looking for deeper revelation, c) laziness, d) exhausted with tradition or something else?

Many in church preach 1 thing and live another…folks feel betrayal!
Jackie M.

Perhaps those who know His voice are tired of whooping preachers and theatrical antics to incite emotive responses? Perhaps church scandal(s) have had such a profoundly negative affect on God’s people that faulty character and manipulation is losing its place and studied believers are doing spiritual-ethnographies to right their souls? Or perhaps many desire meeting God at the foot of the mountain to receive His voice naturally because “spiritual” leaders are too concerned with running a business then actually feeding, leading, and teaching His sheep. Perhaps, there’s a sincere holiness revival in the hearts of the people of God resurfacing? Hmm….:-)
Jon P.

Don’t know about other churches, but Black churches are too loud! They are wanting to be showcased..not showcase the word of God.
Victoria C.

Too much judging and backstabbing! People who are at their worse don’t need to judged, backstabbed, or put on trial for the things they have and don’t have! Someone needs someone to encourage them, lift them up. Church is supposed to be a safe place, it’s a place to heal, meditate, and all the things we need! People that are broken and hurt are seeking for something to relieve them! Not be extra burdened.
Danielle S.

The answer is quite simple. Church is not percieved as relevant anymore. Georga Barna says that for every 5 people who claim to be born again that 3 do not attend church. The faith community is clinging to what has worked in previous generations refusing to acknowledge or embrace new methods that would appeal to the present generation. I must be clear that I am not advocating a watered down version of the Gospel. I believe that church can and should be both God-centered and culturally relevant. When local churches create a God centered and culturally relevant environment where individuals are free to explore a relationship with God attendance will increase.
Michael J

What do you think? Do YOU go to church less often? Why/Why NOT?