Doors of Same-Sex Marriage Swing Open in New York

On July 24, 2011, same-sex couples legally began marrying in New York. The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force stated: “Today the doors of marriage equality swing open in New York. It\’s no surprise a flood of same-sex couples is expected to flow through. Some have literally waited decades for this historic moment. We are thrilled for the couples who will marry today, tomorrow, the next day, and beyond. To finally be able to share and celebrate one’s love and commitment legally and publicly is a lifelong dream for many couples and families. Until you have walked in the shoes of someone who has been denied this fundamental freedom — a rite that bonds us as a people — it is hard to comprehend just how profoundly moving this moment is. Today is a day to rejoice and celebrate.”

Here\’s what Gospel Today “friends” had to say:

I think it’s another avenue to Hell. Same sex marriage is against the Biblical accounts of the beginning of Man on Earth. Watch now as New York will be flooded with more pornographic lifestyles.
Pastor Michael A.

Not natural and not of God. Thats sick.
Lonnie M.

God said No, man said yes, but I said stick with GOD!!! All those whose enjoy and participate in this idoltary are under a curse by God.
Author Katie C.

This lifestyle is the stink that God smelled when destroying the sodomite cities. It is not Biblical; and truth be told, because America has allowed these actions, God is going to judge her at her gates. This country is headed toward a reprobate mindset, not being able to retain ELOHIM in our thinking.
Apostle Q

What is scary is that New York is a gateway city in this country. Whenever the enemy gets a foothold in the gate of a city, region, territory or nation it makes it that much easier to infiltrate the other parts of that particular area. It’s time to pray.
Dwayne W.

Repentence is needed and holiness has to be preached, understood and practiced by ALL believers.
Crystal P.

Rose F.

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