Is Your Church Using the Internet? by Pam Perry

Social Media Matrimony: Is Your Church Engaged?
By Pam Perry

Social media is a new marketing method that is here to stay. It\’s not a fling or fad like so many initially thought and it isn\’t going anywhere soon.

This is the information age. Get used to it and learn to share valuable information or content online. You are sure to position yourself as a “go to” person or thought leader if you become consistent in your sharing

Content to Share on Social Media Channels
1. Your new blog posts
2. Quotes or Scriptures (but not too many)
3. A blog post from someone else
4. An article you\’ve written or one written about you
5. A video of an artist with your comments
6. A funny video to lighten or brighten a person\’s day
7. Inspiring and motivational photos with comments
8. Blogtalk radio shows (see
9. Free ebook or ebooklet from your website or
10. An event flyer or press release with info on why someone should attend
11. Live reports or from an event you are currently attending
12. List of books or your current recommended book
13. Recommended products, services, movies, etc.
14. Tips for doing something better, faster or cheaper
15. How-to suggestions or advice
16. Testimonies (with video if you can)

Is your church INTERNET Savvy? Why or Why Not?