How to Raise “CEO” Kids!

By L. Trenton Marsh
If you’re looking to raise a CEO, here’s some inspiration and information!

Shonika Proctor_with her students

Shonika Proctor is an advocate of entrepreneurship. Her organization, Teen Renegade CEO\’s, was established in 2008, after one of her mentees was featured in Black Enterprise magazine. To date, this youth coaching organization has produced several teen millionaires.

Proctor provides young people a platform to share thoughts domestically and abroad. “I don\’t try to teach students anything specific,” she says, “I simply impart my experiences and listen to their dreams and their challenges and offer them resources to improve their situations and ultimately their quality of life.”
She continues, “Entrepreneurship, same as a class in math, science or foreign language can ignite and accelerate dreams if the potential to do something impactful resonates with [young people].”

The ability to get and continually generate wealth lies inside each and every one of us, but we must first believe God for creative ideas. Tap into the power, you are just one God-idea away from changing your life trajectory forever!

Organizations that Empower Youth:

National Academy Foundation
Mission: Increase the engagement of high school students and provide a way for those beyond the walls of the school to enhance students\’ educational experiences.

Kingdom Executives
Mission: Build leaders in the board room and worshipers in the throne room; equip youth from 7 to 19 with success principles for every area of their lives.

Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship
Mission: Provide programs that inspire young people from low-income communities to stay in school, recognize business opportunities and plan for successful futures

The Renegade CEO\’s
Mission: Use blogs or social networks to support youth regarding their entrepreneurial endeavors (subject to availability). Includes a private virtual incubator that supports up to 12 high impact, high potential super motivated teen entrepreneurs for one year.

Raising CEO Kids
Mission: Educate, encourage, engage and empower CEO Kids and their parents, teachers and civic leaders.

Books that empower:
Vertical Leap: How to Birth Your Dreams, Visions, & Ideas Into Reality
By Al Hollingsworth

50 Interviews: Young Entrepreneurs – What it Takes to Make More Money than Your Parents.
By Nick Tart & Nick Scheidies

Reallionaire: Nine Steps to Becoming Rich from the Inside Out
By Dr. Farrah Gray

Teen Entrepreneur Success Secrets
By Shonika Proctor