How To Fashionably Cover Your Flaws

By Roni Burks, Style Expert

Let\’s be honest. Most of us aren\’t perfectly tight and toned, or at that ‘ideal\’ weight and size. So, if you\’re a little “fluffier” than you\’d like to be, but you still want to rock that individual catwalk; as you pull out the tank tops and lighter fabrics, let\’s discuss how to fashionably cover any “flaws.”

What FASHION ADVICE do you need? Ask our expert…
First things first.
Let\’s start with your foundation! Some women don’t realize that half the battle in covering flaws is won in wearing a proper foundation.
• There is a wonderful one-piece body shaper called a Flexee that handles a lot of our trouble areas. It lifts the butt, brings in the hips, smoothes the back and stomach, and gives the appearance of zero back fat; it also smoothes out any bumps or ripples; and shapes you. Pick one up at any major department store: Macy’s, Dillards, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, etc.
• Spanx is the “go to” line for body shaping stockings, briefs and shorts, but they also have a unit (available in nude and black) that shapes the whole body.
• If you want something a little fancier and money is not an issue, Donna Karan has a beautiful body-shaping collection that controls trouble areas and will totally meet the needs of the full figured woman.

While we\’re here, let\’s look at appropriate colors for undergarments. A good rule of thumb is that the color of your foundation depends on the fabric weight of your outer garment. If you\’re wearing white, wear a black foundation with a heavier fabric; wear a nude foundation with a lighter fabric.
Please note: white undergarments under white pants are a colossal no-no!

Dressing for success.
It has been proven that black covers and masks many problem areas extremely well, but don’t be afraid of color and/or patterns; they can also cover nicely. However, if you are not used to wearing a lot of color, start with solids before moving to prints or patterns. Patterns can hide flaws, but remember all patterns aren\’t suitable for all body types!

If you\’re a full-figured lady, choose a sturdy fabric when selecting a dress. If you\’re concerned with covering or minimizing your stomach, arms, hips and thighs, try an “A-Line” cut. These type of dresses move away from the body, especially when you choose a beautiful, flowing fabric. For a sure winner, pair your A-Line dress with a bolero jacket!