The Power of “WE” by Dr. Teresa Hairston

In the Jul/Aug issue of Inspired Perspectives, Dr. Hairston writes a powerful and inspiring column that examines “Kingdom” unity…

Recently, I asked my staff to help me accomplish a major project. I clearly defined the goals and the strategy, and I outlined the suggested plan and process. My staff jumped in; they eagerly and joyfully assisted in the completion of the project and what we did turned out very well. We were all very proud of the results. However, when I began to ask various questions about costs and other details of the project, they couldn\’t answer me. I became frustrated. “Why didn\’t you find out the associated costs?” The consensus was, “Because we thought you did that. We didn\’t think we needed to.” Each staff member was busy trying to just do ‘their part\’ they never considered assisting in reshaping the strategy, refining the process or reinforcing the goals.

When it comes to Kingdom building in today\’s society, a lot of mature Christian leaders are transitioning but they\’re not dead and gone; and the power of “we” is more essential than ever! However, there\’s a growing frustration among many leaders, who are grappling with whether or not the next generation is poised and ready to assist in perpetuating the vision beyond the current season.
Has God allowed you to witness or be part of a great vision, legacy, ministry or enterprise? It may be something as simple as being in a family that honors the sanctity of marriage; or being drawn to a pastor who has a great vision for a unique ministry. Dreamwork takes teamwork; and there\’s no success without a successor.

Christian Theology teaches us that teamwork is God\’s design. The Holy Trinity—Father, Son, Holy Ghost are one with one vision, however, each have distinct roles that are critical and strategic. The Bible records God\’s Great Commission for all Christians, given through his Son, to be implemented through the power of the Holy Ghost in Matthew 28:19, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

As Christians with a mandate to change the world, we must adapt this teamwork model. Proximity demands responsibility. God didn\’t allow you to come in contact with great visions, legacies and dreams for no reason! Dreamwork takes teamwork; and there\’s no success without a successor. How are you managing your investment of innovative, critical and strategic thinking?

Mentors need dedicated mentees; people who sign up and hang in there—through the rough times and the tough times. As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another (Prov 27:17).

Here are 7 traits of a Christian Thought Leader…

1. You love and live according to Godly standards. God\’s word gives you a deep source of energy and motivation.
2. You are passionate about Godly teaching or learning, with no strings attached.
3. You reach out, connect and communicate to share what God is doing with people outside your immediate circle of prospects and clients.
4. You take risks to achieve God-inspired dreams and visions. Your thinking and actions are contrary, controversial, and on the edge of what most people in society believe and implement.
5. You are comfortable investing today’s time for tomorrow’s fruit. (Whether that means taking care of children/elderly, giving speeches, writing articles, doing interviews, volunteering, often for little or no pay)
6. You balance experience and wisdom with a genuine interest in blessing others.
7. You keep working, connecting, and communicating long after you’ve achieved your personal goals, because your drive to bless others never !

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