Church Leadership Transition…a New Model

Pastor Boles and Bishop Jerry Hutchins
After serving as senior pastor of Timothy Baptist Church, Athens, Georgia for nearly 25 years, Bishop Jerry F. Hutchins knew it was time for something different. “We organized a Transition Team almost a year ago,” said Bishop Hutchins, “and that team worked diligently, meeting twice each month, to work through the process and then making the formal presentation to the Church. When the presentation was made, the church gave overwhelming approval.”
The transition resulted in a successor, Pastor Tracy Boles, who will bec take the church forward, while Bishop Hutchins oversees the pastor\’s work. According to Bishop Hutchins, the model is something that other churches have expressed a need for.”
“There are hundreds, if not thousands, of pastors across the country who would like to be able to make a similar transition but simply don’t have a vision for implementation.” Bishop Hutchins is available to help others organize and implement transitions of this nature. For more information: