Has “Joining” Church become “Old Skool?”

Gatekeepers - Are Churches no longer Members only Is Church no longer “Membership” Driven?
According to Church Growth expert, DR SAM CHAND, there are new “tribes” of church-goers:
• “Non-Member-Regular-Attendees”—people who regularly attend a church and may attend for an extended period of time, but have not chosen to become members; and
• “Bi-churched” attendees—people who share their allegiance with more than one church.
Furthermore, today\’s churches have attendees with unique ways of thinking—natives and immigrants.
• Natives have exclusive and long-term membership in one congregation;
• Immigrants are shoppers for faith who seek short-term relationships with several congregations.

The Progressive Pastor understands that when he or she goes net-fishing, the catch will likely include all manner of fish. Pastors of growing churches do not wait for someone to become a member before they can be asked to serve.
I\’m sure you know of churches where it\’s “members” only. That means you cannot volunteer to sing in the choir, serve as a greeter or assist people in the parking lot unless you\’re a member.

I think every church will sooner or later have to wrestle with the following question, “What is it that Joe or Suzie cannot do unless they are members?” This question, very difficult to answer in many cases will define the sphere and scope of how you discover, develop and deploy the people God is bringing to you.