Singles & Sex…Is Music a Gateway to Sexual Temptation?

by Kim Brooks

Victor Hugo once said, “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent.”

As singles who are Christians, we must be mindful that our listening choices affect our thoughts, and ultimately our actions.

Music can set you up for a breakthrough from God through worship, or a breakdown of your flesh through sensual songs which influence you to “give it up”—resulting in another break—to the altar for repentance. Music is powerful. It can influence you to live a good/Godly life; or to take your own life.

The Word of God encourages us to carefully consider our listening choices, because what we hear affects what we think. In Romans 10:17, Paul wrote, “17 So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”
If your listening choices are focused on music that glorifies God, your thoughts will lead you to a lifestyle that glorifies God.

As Christian singles, one of the main struggles we face is in the area of sexual activity. Many Christians have decided to remain abstinent until marriage and are finding that it does not leave them unfulfilled and lonely.

Recently, Gospel Today’s Successfully Single caught up with Stellar Award winning artists, Evin Martin, Jor’el Quinn and Torrence Greene, better known as 21:03. The guys are all single, are careful about the type of music they listen to.

“It’s important to guard the gateways to your soul/spirit,” says Evin. “I try to refrain from listening to music that is demeaning, or doesn’t reflect the principles that I believe in.”

Jor’el adds, “I\’m conscious of what words I listen to and let in. ‘Faith comes by hearing,\’ therefore, doubt can also come by hearing. I love many genres (of music) however, I am mindful of the lyrical content I allow myself to listen to.”
“Music helps when I’m having personal worship time with God,” says Torrence. “It is important to always monitor the music you listen to as a Christian.”

Men Who Choose to Wait
“As a Gospel artist,” says Evin, “I need God’s anointing to be effective. When I think of the price Jesus paid for my sins, I’m reminded that sexual purity is the least I can give; it’s my reasonable service.”
“My relationship (with God) causes me to strive to do the things that please Him,” Jor’el affirms. “It keeps me wanting to make Him smile and trust me with more. My actions affect so much and so many more than me.”
“As a Christian artist it can be difficult to stay abstinent,” adds Torrence, “I’m still human so I’m tempted just like the next person. My friends [help] keep me in line and my group members help me stay focused on my goals. Staying in the Bible really helps.”