“Jumping the Broom”…Reels in Nearly $14 million…#3 at Box Office

jakes and jumpin cast

Laz Alonzo, Paula Patton and Bishop Jakes

“Jumping the Broom” came in THIRD PLACE theaters across the nation last week! The movie is undoubtedly the most mainstream of all Bishop Jakes\’ productions and performed extremely well.

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According to www.examiner.com, “No one expected “Jumping the Broom” to contend with “Thor,” or overtake “Fast Five” at the box office, and it didn\’t, but that doesn\’t mean that this small African-American romantic comedy didn\’t pull in decent numbers during its opening weekend.

“While “Thor” raked in $66 million this weekend, and “Fast Five” held onto the second spot with $32 million, “Jumping the Broom” came in third with $13.7 million, followed by another romantic comedy, “Something Borrowed,” which made $13.1 million.”

Unlike a number of “Christian-themed” films, Bishop Jakes confirmed that “Jumping the Broom” is a movie produced by Christian that doesn\’t necessarily target “Christian” audiences only. It\’s message is positive but its plot isn\’t biblically aligned. According to Bishop Jakes, “We have to have a conversation that goes into all the world!”