President Obama/U.S. Military Get Bin Laden! Will this “cement” Obama’s Reelection?

obama-bin laden

President Obama Announces Bin Laden is dead

Near midnight, on Sunday, May 1, 2011, President Barack Obama announced, “Justice has been done.” Bin Laden was dead and America had prevailed in its decade long war against this evil fanatic.
As victory celebrations began to erupt across the country, a bigger issue now looms… How will this triumph impact Obama\’s reelection bid?
It\’s no secret that the president\’s ratings had been sliding downward. Last week, the Huffington Post reported, “[President Obama\’s] report card for handling the economy [is] at its lowest position since his inauguration.” Adding to the negative drama have been Donald Trump\’s accusations that Obama wasn\’t an American citizen, and that he was ineffective and unqualified. Now what?
Will Obama satisfy Americans with the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan in the next few months? How will the nation respond to his handling of jobs and the economy as well as climbing gas prices?
What do you think? Voice your opinion! How\’s our president doing and will you support his reelection?