At a time when parents and adults are shaking their heads in disappointment about the actions of today\’s youth and wondering what will have an impact on them, there\’s a movement with an answer. It\’s an organization appropriately called Impact.

According to Executive Director, Charles Gilmer…
“The Vision of The Impact Movement is to see each community of African descent fulfill its destiny as a reflection of the redemptive power of Jesus Christ.

We don\’t believe our ancestor\’s suffering was just a cosmic accident. We believe that God in His sovereignty has ordained a divine destiny for our people to be a part of displaying His glory, grace, and redemptive power to people all over this planet.”

Gilmer\’s passion for seeing young lives changed is happening through Impact. He says his mission is to grow to 20,000 students at 200 locations in the US; and each year, he\’s getting closer to that goal.

Impact began as a conference to serve African American students involved in Campus Crusade for Christ in 1991. Incorporated in 2002 as an independent Christian non-profit, the Impact organization now has chapters on 60 campuses nationwide.

Near the end of 2010, Impact held its 10th national conference in Atlanta, GA, with over one thousand African American high school students, college students and market- place ministers in attendance. The four-day agenda included seminars, praise & worship services and musical concerts.

* More than 15,000 attendees at our 11 national conferences.
* Over 750 sent as short-term missionaries since 1993, 300 to Operation Sunrise 2002 – the largest African American missions mobilization in history.
* Impact NOW (New Orleans Work) Project –March 2006 Nearly 500 – the largest Black response to Hurricane Katrina at that time.
* The launch of Level 3:16, Impact Music\’s first Christian Hip-Hop/R&B group debuted #1 on various charts December 2010.
* Impact 10\’s live webcast was viewed by at least 9000 people, covering all 50 states and 35 countries around the globe.

Of course, the biggest endorsement of Impact\’s success comes from the young people whose lives were changed.