T.D. Jakes, Steve Harvey and Kirk Franklin–Same City, Same Week!

Hotlanta was on fire this past week! No, not the weather, but the events. They were on and poppin! Wednesday night a theater full of folks took in the preview of upcoming movie Jumping the Broom, which is produced by Bishop T.D. Jakes, Curtis Wallace, Tracey Edmonds, Glendon Palmer and Elizabeth Hunter; and is scheduled to hit the big screen Mother\’s Day weekend, 2011.

The Bishop was in town to conduct a Q & A following the screening, which was well-received. The movie takes a comical look at a couple heading down the aisle, with mothers-in-laws-to-be played to perfection by Loretta Devine and Angela Bassett.

Without giving to much away, the movie is a must-see! It\’s well-acted, well conceived, with a believable plot. The presentation is family-friendly, Christian-friendly (with the exception of a couple scenes that “bend” the rules) and not to heavy-handed with the church talk.

You\’ll see the drama of “reality” that most Black families deal with. The obviously “movie” touch is the ritzy rich bride and her silver spoon family. But that\’s a good thing in the long run, because you\’ll find that ‘honey, they got issues too!\’

Do yourself, your mama and ‘nem, and your church family a favor; make a plan for mother\’s day weekend that includes a special outing to Jumping the Broom. You might want to make a day of it in place of the traditional church service! (Why not!?)

The other thriller in the Peach was the Kirk Franklin/Steve Harvey opening of the Comedy/Gospel Tour. Phillips Arena was well populated with nearly 8,000 in attendance.

Opening acts were well received; then came Kirk Franklin, who danced and sang every hit in his considerable repertoire—not only did he dazzle the audience on stage and down the aisles; he did everything except swing from the light fixtures…and the crowd loved it!

As for Steve Harvey, surprisingly, after phenomenal appearances at MegaFest and on TBN and other Christian outlets, it seemed like extremely difficult for him to curtail his propensity for profanity. Although he made the audience aware that he “intentionally” would slip; there were moments when the great comedic genius went into a “crotch-grabbing” episode to illustrate one of his jokes that…well…was a lot to handle…Family friendly? No way!

As the tour takes off to its next stops, we encourage you to attend, just be aware and forewarned!