Teens ARE having Sex & Babies…What’s the Deal?

Notice these startling statistics:
1. 25 percent of 15-year-old females and about 30 percent of 15-year- old males are sexually active.**
2. By 18 years of age, 66 percent of females and 68 percent of males have engaged in sexual intercourse.**
3. In 2000, among White mothers about 27% of all births were out-of-wedlock, among Hispanic mothers about 43% and Black mothers about 70%.*
4. About 80% of African Americans can expect to spend “a significant” portion of their childhood living without their biological father.*
*from “Father Facts,” Fourth Edition (2002), from the National Fatherhood Initiative. **from Black Women\’s Health.com

With statistics like these one may ask the question, “What has been contributing to such a great number of teen pregnancies over the past decade?” Well, there are many influences on our youth that obstruct their ability to make good decisions, namely the lack of quality mentors and role models to help shape their values.

In today\’s Internet driven teen culture, decisions are often made based on popularity rather than principle. A study regarding “Teen Role Models” by the Barna Group, a Christian research company, asked a nationwide sampling of teenagers ages 13 to 17, to identify the person whom they admired most as a role model, other than their parents.

One interesting conclusion of the study pointed out “spirituality is only of modest concern to the aspirations of most teens. Teens rarely identified spiritual mentors. Moreover, few teens consider issues of faith, religion or morality when deciding whom they will try to emulate. Even among young Christians, their role models are virtually no different than other teenagers.” This in turn leads to the decay of good Christian values among today\’s youth, therefore making sex outside of the marriage covenant acceptable. God, help us to become better examples for our children!