HOT Off the Press…MaryMary!

Erica and Tina are Mary Mary, the top female duo of Gospel. They\’ve made their mark with a unique sound, signature hits and a track record that has blazed a new trail for Gospel. Having now encountered them on and offstage, GT wanted to know what they\’d learned and experienced in the past decade that made them stronger, wiser and better. From afar, we have watched them evolve as artists, wives and mothers; and now, with millions of young folks, especially girls looking up to them, GT wanted to know what wisdom could they share, up close and personal, for today\’s generation?

{ERICA} I think we now more fully understand God\’s directive of going into the highways and hedges and compelling men to come. I feel like there are a lot of people who are not coming to churches, and the only way to give them God and to introduce them to Jesus is to go in their circles.

I was on an interview with Kirk Cameron on TBN, and he said, “If you go into a room full of people and you tell them that they\’re sinners, they don\’t know what that means. They\’re going to listen, but it\’s not going to connect with their hearts because they won\’t understand what you\’re talking about.”

We have to make sure that our brand is a Gospel that connects with the unchurched, and makes them look at their life and go “OH!” –and [then] live their life in a different way.

A lot of people don\’t think there\’s anything wrong with their life. [They may say] I\’m a good person; I feed the hungry; I live with my boyfriend, but we love each other, so what\’s wrong with that? [Or] I\’m a single woman, but I wanted a child and I went out and had one on my own, so what\’s wrong with that? They don\’t under- stand the directives that God has given us! Most people say, “Just get ‘em saved!” But I think you have a more effective Christian if they learn how to live an effective life. [They\’ve got to learn] how to be kind to their neighbor. It doesn\’t matter if you get saved and you speak in tongues—if you\’re [still] hateful, or full of doubt and fear, or envious or jealous. A lot of people think that if they\’re good enough they\’ll make it to heaven.

{TINA} I think that we also under- stand that our position is to plant the seed. We\’re not preachers or pastors or Bible study instructors, but that doesn\’t mean that we can\’t function in a capacity where we do more than just sing. We talk about God\’s greatness and His love and go beyond “Church” to practical application. We plant seeds and we believe that God will do the rest. We\’re not trying to play God. We just give it to people like God gives it to us.

For a while, we made an effort to try to show an “allegiance” to the Christian community so that people wouldn\’t misunderstand our presence in the main- stream community, and a prominent preacher in the Gospel industry told us, “If God gave you all this naturally to take outside the Church, You\’re crazy to fight to be back in the Church exclusively. Your allegiance is to God and your responsibility is to follow the path that He placed you here to follow.” We pray that God will inspire us and speak to us and give us what He wants us to say to the world, and that it will come out in our music. God will do the rest.

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