Reader Responds: Female Pastors Is An Oxymoron!

Dear GT,

If you\’re looking for a “religiously correct” letter, this is not one of them. You need to listen to BET, CNN, ABC, PBS, NPR, they\’re pagan to the bone.

The safeguards set in motion by God are for a reason. You know the objections men and some women have about this. The constant promotion of female pastors is causing breakdown after breakdown [of] the established parameters God set for a vibrant Church.

Men just don\’t have it in their makeup to allow a female to lead them by the nose as asses are. He doesn\’t take them serious.

To a real man, God didn\’t make his physique that way i.e. to hide behind a woman\’s apron and allow her to take charge. This practice pervades the Church. To the youthful adolescent male these female pastors relay a confusing message of female dominance over the male species striking right at the male manhood. Women have become educated and figure they\’re entitled to lead churches regardless of what Scripture says, they\’ll skirt around what offends them. You know and I know what Scriptures they\’ll use to justify it. Just as Eve took advantage of Adam because he loved her, her offspring is the same way today. It is why you got people like Oprah Winfrey and Barbara King—liberals to the bone. These types of female pastors never say anything about Obama supporting sodomy since their congregations are 95% female. Just the other day I adorned my wife with a Jewish shawl, she doesn\’t give in to the temptation to wear pants in the Church, she wouldn\’t dare. She doesn\’t abandon her female femininity in favor of looking like a harlot, tramp and whore, I\’ll give her all my money, big deal, God bless her. She has never asked me to compliment her about wearing pants; I\’ve always complimented her about her gorgeous dresses and stunning skirts from Neimans and SAKS.

—Via email