Pastor Pat McKinstry: The Power of Obedience

Hearing and obeying God are two important responsibilities of believers today. Knowing God\’s voice and following God\’s directions are essentials to success in ministry. As we continue celebrating dynamic women on the frontline with a Kingdom assignment, Pastor Pat McKinstry shares with Gospel Today a wonderful testimony of her path to the forefront in ministry.

“I Obeyed God.” – Pastor Pat McKinstry

I\’ve been pastoring 21 years and just celebrated 41 years of marriage. I had no intention of being a pastor. I was the first female, first black and first person from a different denomination to go into the church where I went. I was “loaned” to them by (my father in the Gospel) the late, Bishop William James, to help the ministry.

When I went in [the pastorate], there were eight people in a big, huge building and the youngest one was 65, the rest were in their 80s. I knew I couldn\’t do a thing with them, but I knew God had sent me there. I came off the road from preaching to thousands, and this church couldn\’t even pay me. They even asked me not to pray in the sanctuary, and I was the pastor! But I would pray in the back room, and we started drawing nations—over 13 nations came and people from different religions came.

One day I stood in the middle of the building and I asked the Lord, “How am I going to fill this building up with people?” And the Lord said, “Do not worry about filling the building with people, fill the people up with Me; and when I send them to you, be careful how you handle them, because they\’ve been purchased by My blood.”
Two years ago, God told me to move, and I resigned the church that Sunday. I had no plan; no place to take the people; and I was at retirement age. I had been there 19 years, and I left with nothing, but I knew God told me to go.

The day I resigned, I saw a building that had come on the market, but I didn\’t have a dime. God sent Bishop Liston Page, Sr. and Dr Hazel Page [pastors from New York], and they said “Go on! We\’ll see that you have a building.” They paid for the building and I was able to go in debt free; and during the transition I didn\’t lose any of the people that God allowed me to birth spiritually.

“We just stepped into a season that our seed will kiss our harvest! We\’ve been believing God in spite of… and God says that in this season, He\’s removing time and because of our faithfulness and our stead- fastness, He\’s allowing our seed to kiss our harvest. —Dr. Pat McKInstry