Dwayne Wade’s Mom Says No to Drugs and Yes to Ministry

Pastor JoLinda Wade is a living miracle and her ministry is now literally transforming the lives of many who would see no hope! Featured in this month\’s “Women at the Forefront,” Pastor Wade shares her powerful testimony with Gospel Today of how God transformed her life is now using her to transform others.

“God called me seven years ago, but I\’ve been pastoring for three years. I started my ministry behind the walls of a penitentiary, and I was there because I did the crime. I learned that you can work wherever God has you. I just tell everybody that God had me in Holy Ghost College when I was locked up. I had the opportunity to receive God\’s love.

I thank God for the place that I\’m in right now. I\’m a woman that came from drugs—I used to drink everyday. I had my children dispersed here and there because of my choices; my life got so bad that I used to crawl up in abandoned buildings just to find a place to lay my head, but look at me now! I am hope for somebody! While I was going through, God had me on His mind. Today, all those same things are still there— the drugs and the alcohol and everything, but they don\’t have the same power! Nothing magical happened; all I said was, “Yes!”