Today\’s Youth Seek the Truth

You can tell me I need to do better, but if you don\’t show me better, I will do what I know! Teens have a tendency to do what they know. If they see violence at home, in the movies, in video games, or on the street, they are more inclined to copy such behaviors. Studies show that you typically model what they see. Pastor Tamara Bennett of TIP Ministries shares with Gospel Today what today\’s youth want and what tomorrow\’s youth need.

“We have to provide this generation with a clear definition and example of what Is pure and acceptable to God. They have to hear it, through an uncompromising gospel of truth and love; they have to see It by the lives we live as fathers, husbands, mothers and wives; and they have to understand It by the example of leaders that guard and value their anointing. Without this formula and mechanism within the body of Christ, they will continue to be seduced and persuaded by the wickedness, perversion and over advertised lasciviousness of this world. So, to turn the heads of this generation in the right direction, It will take the pain of the truth that their ways have been wrong.

It Is not only the teaching and exhortation of sound doctrine that will help a person gain their own understanding of the spirit of perversion, uncleanness and lasciviousness, but It\’s an avenue of ‘good old fashioned\’ prayers and crying out to God for the cleansing of the heart and soul.

The church must create an environment that will allow individuals to grow, be trained, nurtured, Instructed and loved unconditionally. The functioning of the Holy Ghost to minister specifically to the spirit of homosexuality and other sexual sins Is essential, because It takes a heavy anointing to destroy this yoke as opposed to provoking and angering It.”