Bishop Rosie O\’Neal Keeps It Real

Another powerhouse in the forefront of ministry who continues to make an impact in the lives of many is the dynamic Bishop Rosie O\’Neal. Her story is one of freedom from fear and shame that has help to transform the life of many. With an unwavering commitment to being real and being happy, O\’Neal shares with Gospel Today nuggets that have guided her to success in ministry and in life.

“In the beginning of my ministry,” states Bishop O\’Neal, “I didn\’t have sense enough to be afraid! I think God shielded me. I started our church with seven people, and now we have about 2,500 In the Greenville location; and our Youngsville location Is also doing well.

[When I started out In ministry], mega ministries were breaking out all over the country, but I just wanted to do a good job with my seven people!

I try to “keep myself myself”— I just keep It real. I was caught up In pornography—not before I got saved, or before I started pastoring—but I\’m thankful to say that God delivered me! It would be so awesome if God would fix you completely before He calls you, but He doesn\’t do that; there\’s a humbling that happens. I\’ve found that I\’m the best pastor I can be when Rosie is as happy as she can be.”

From the storefront to the forefront, Bishop O\’Neal is a great example of how God can take an ordinary life and do the extraordinary.