How To Stay Single and Satisfied?

By Darryl Izzard

Life is short and it passes by quickly! So singles, this is your finest hour You can stay single and be satisfied!

How, you ask? With the right perspective single Christians really can experience a life of freedom, happiness, adventure and excitement while fulfilling the purpose of God on their lives with no distractions or hindrances.

To be satisfied is to be happy. You can be happy with who you are even in your single life. God\’s plan for you may or may not include a spouse, but on thing is for sure, His plan does include satisfaction in Him. He put it in no uncertain terms that His will is for you to be full of life. John 10:10 (in the Contemporary English Version) declares, “A thief comes only to rob, kill, and destroy. I came so that everyone would have life, and have it in its fullest.” That everyone includes every single one of you.

So, how do you stay single and satisfied? It\’s easy…stay in Him? Here are a few practical tips that can get you one the right track. Perhaps you may have more that you can share in the comments area below the article. Let us here from you!

1. Thank God for no distractions.
Be thankful everyday that you have total freedom! As a healthy Christian who is single, there is nothing tugging on your time, your mind or your emotions. Think of freedom as a gift and cherish it while you are single!

2. Get rid of unhealthy relationships and hurtful thoughts from your past.
Sometimes the ones we love the most hurt the worst. Even though there is nothing wrong with close friendships, be sure they are not negatively affecting your mindset about your life. Christian singles have a wonderful opportunity to travel, explore the world, meet new people, network and build lasting friendships that can prove helpful later in life. Don\’t let married or any other unhappy singles limit your life. Get rid of them, and get rid of them fast! Your daily thought life has to be open to Holy Spirit who daily loads you with benefits (Psalms 68:19). Keep your mine positive and clean.

3. Focus on leaving your mark in the earth (fulfill your purpose).
Each month reflect on what you have accomplished and try to work to fulfill the plan that you were created to carry out in the earth as a child of God. Believe in yourself and make every attempt to reach your God-given goals daily. It will keep you inspired and exhilarated with little time for regret or depression.

This is the best season and your finest hour. Make the most of it. You\’ve got the tools, go ahead and live your life single, satisfied and free!